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What’s your Biting Policy

So, you’ve got biters. What’s your policy? Do you even have one or do you wing it on a case by case basis? Do your volunteers and leaders know it?On of my Children’s Pastors sent me this great article from...

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Early Childhood Room Names

Okay, I’ve need a little outside inspiration. I’ve been thinking about changing the names of two rooms in our Early Childhood area. So, here are our existing rooms. 2 & 3 year old classrooms Tumbleweed Trail...

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Early Childhood small groups

Say what? Early Childhood small groups? Aren’t you supposed to start this once kids get into elementary? That’s been the given assumption. Some churches are starting to break this mold and give this a try....

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Operation: Name My Trailer

Our facility is full and we’ve resorted to portable buildings… otherwise know as modular buildings… or as we like to say in South Georgia… trailers. We have such a nice facility but for the meantime we...

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