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Eric Trap Interview with Eric Bryant… Today!

Just a heads up to all my friends. Today at 2:00 PM CST, I’ll be over at ericbryant.org doing a video interview about The Eric Trap. You can watch it live at his site. I’m excited and you should be too, I’m giving away several copies of the book to those who are watching/participating.

Eric Bryant is a co-worker of mine. He’s the Campus Pastor of our South Campus and he leads our Central Austin geography. He’s an incredible leader who came to our team 18 months ago after serving at Mosaic Church in LA for more than a decade. In addition to the value Eric brings to Gateway, Eric has great influence in the church around the country and beyond. Be sure to check out his site and tune in at 2:00!

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The Eric Trap Blog Tour: Day 3

Man, we’re really starting to get into this thing.

Today we had two incredible reviews of the book, The Eric Trap. Let me tell you, these people aren’t being paid or encouraged to say what they’re saying. I personally asked about 3-5 people to write reviews and Sam invited 3-5 people as well. Everyone else simply requested a book to review. I had a conversation with Brother Jim last week where he told me that he didn’t know half the people who were going to review the book. We determined that this is a good thing… that’s its not the normal fans who are going to say it’s a great book just because someone’s name is on it.

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The Eric Trap Blog Tour: Day 2

Now we’re getting somewhere! Today the blog tour jumped to the next level with three different reviews. Trust me, it’s going to get a little nuts these next few weeks. Just wait until the week the book comes out!

Actually last night, Rob Livingston wrote a great post starting off day two. Rob is a bi-vocational kid’s pastor… a school teacher in Sweet Home Alabama. He and I broke bread (or tacos) at Chuy’s here in Austin 8 months ago and I think I made a friend forever by sending him on to eat the best BBQ brisket he’d ever tasted. The funny thing is that Rob didn’t have a blog 10 days ago when he requested a copy of the book… perhaps the Eric Trap prompted a new habit? I hope so! I liked Rob’s review a lot. He described how at one point he got really excited about a decision Eric made thinking, “finally, he got something right!” only to find out that this too was a bad decisions. This illustrates a story we wanted to tell.

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The Eric Trap Blog Tour Begins

So, today is the beginning of the three week blog tour for Kidmin’s newest resource, The Eric Trap. Last night, Jim Wideman shared a little of the “behind the scenes” look into how The Eric Trap came about. It’s certainly worth the read. Brother Jim has published several books over the years, but this one is the second book produced through his Infuse coaching program.

To start things off today, Jenny Funderburke posted her review of The Eric Trap. We picked her to start this tour because she’s been intimately involved in the project.

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The Eric Trap has arrived… kinda

So this is what just arrived in the mail yesterday. It’s so exciting to see the culmination of this project. It’s truly been something that’s been in the works for years. It was so much fun putting it together and I think it’s going to be even more fun interacting with people who read it.

You may be wondering… “how do I get a copy?”

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