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I’m not dead

This may be the longest I’ve gone without writing a post on this blog. No, I wasn’t on sabbatical. That comes later. Actually, for the past three weeks, my staff and I led 150+ kids, students and leaders on serving trips around the country and world. It was a first for Gateway and it was AMAZING. Here’s a quick video from our Kids Go! Team last week. I’ll write more about our serving experiences next week.

The music is from North Point Kid’s newest album Shine. It’s awesome, you can buy it here.

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Are you ready for a Soul Revolution?

Yesterday my church began a corporate revolution. It’s not the first time Gateway Church in Austin has participated in the Soul Revolution, but I’m very excited for what this will mean for both my church and for myself as well.

Four years ago my pastor, John Burke, released his book Soul Revolution as a guide to Christ followers to revolutionize their spiritual life. Since that time I’ve met scores of people who describe how their lives were radically changed during the 60/60 experiment which makes up Soul Revolution. The basis of Soul Revolution and the 60/60 comes from the conversation Jesus had with his disciples in John 15. He very simply compared spiritual health and growth to a branch that is connected to the vine. If the branch stays connected to the vine, it will produce fruit. If it does not stay connected to the vine, it will whither and die. Could it really be that spiritual health and growth could be as simple as this. If we can stay connected to the Spirit of God, would we produce fruit?

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Good Friday family experience

I’m excited about what Gateway is offering families this year for Good Friday. We’ll have Easter services on Saturday and Sunday, but we’ll offer a unique experience on Friday. From 5-9, we’ll have several “choose-your-own-adventure” type experiences for people to choose from. We’ll have dramas, music, worship, short teachings, short films, audio experience of the cross, art installation and tactile experience (with a several crucification nails from the 1st century), a guided prayer experience and several other options. All these things are happening multiple times during the evening all in different venues. Due to the nature of Good Friday, many of the venues are not really child appropriate, so we are hosting a family experience in addition to childcare for kids under the age of 4.

The family experience will feature songs and a short film about Good Friday (I wrote about it here) which we’ve broken down into parts where we can expound on what was happening and guide families in discussion around the events of Good Friday.

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Baptism Celebration

A few weeks I wrote about our upcoming Baptism Celebration. That Baptism Celebration is happening this Saturday. That’s one of the reasons you’ve not seen a lot of posts on this blog recently. Wow, I’ve been...

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Baptism Success

Yesterday we help baptisms at Gateway. The weather was perfect and so many people made decisions of faith and followed Jesus in Baptism. It was an amazing sight to see. However, it was a very different experience for kids....

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Heavy attendance?

Today beings our season of highest attendance here at Gateway. Although our highest non-holiday weekend every year is typically the third weekend in January, often times our highest attendance weekend is sometime in February...

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