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Better Design: Conclusion

Well, this wrapped up my little series on better design. In case you missed any of the posts, you can catch them all here: Better Design: Introduction Better Design: Why you should care Better Design: Four Rules Better Design:...

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Better Design: Proximity

Although good design is an art, this rule really appeals to the logical side of my brain. The rule of proximity is really about organization. The rule can be boiled down to this statement: related items should be grouped...

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Better Design: Alignment

At time I find this rule for design to be the hardest. You might as well. A good designer pays very close attention to alignment. Boiled down, alignment means that nothing is arranged on the page without thought and every single...

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Better Design: Repetition

So this rule is easy. Repetition is finding certain elements that naturally repeat and strengthening them. The idea of repetition is to unify your overall design. Although this is really important on multi-page designs, it is...

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Better design

I’ve had a little series tucked away in the back of my head (and several drafts written already) for the past 6-7 months. I decided that I would actually post/write these during the week between Christmas and New Year....

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