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Where is your office?

The work environment is rapidly changing, even in the church. I live in Austin, which is a major tech city and it seems like many of my friends/peers no longer work (or have to work) in traditional offices. Many work exclusively from home or a combination of home and a local office. Even some who work in an office work with a team from all over the country. The days of a traditional office are over.

Several months ago, Gateway made a pretty significant transition in office culture. For years, we’ve not had enough office space. With a small farm of cubes in addition to small offices, everyone was super crowded. As we continued to grow the staff, things continued to get more uncomfortable. Then we realized something.

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Six years in Texas

Unfortunately, yesterday was too busy of a day for Sara and I to celebrate. It was six years ago that we picked up from Indiana and moved to the Lone Star State. I have to admit that it’s one of the best decisions that we...

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