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My son is in this phase where he really wants to be in the lead. When we’re walking to any destination, he is determined to be in the front. Even if I’m just walking from the living room to the kitchen. He wants to be the first in the car, the first in the house and the first to his bedroom at bedtime. He’s usually good about not always being first, but there are times where he throws a fit. He’s only five.

Where this can get irritating is when he gets in front of me and slows down. He won’t let me around him because he’s just got to be in the front. Sometimes he doesn’t even know where he’s going and I have to ask him to walk with me because he doesn’t know where to go yet. When I ask him to fall back or if I happen to get somewhere before he does, sometimes he screams, “But Dad, I WANT TO LEAD!!!”

Funny, because I don’t think it s a lot different from what I see in ministry and the world around me. I see a lot of people who greatly desire a position of leadership. I see people who really want influence. I see people who want to get their name out there. For those people, I’d give them the same advice I give my son.

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Orange Week: I need help!

It’s been almost four years since I first learned about the Orange strategy. One of the most compelling concepts was it idea of two combined influences – church and home. This really clicked for me as a long-time...

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Orange Leaders Forum (Part 1)

A few months ago I attended an Orange Leaders Forum in Dallas, TX. Life has been crazy and busy and I never posted my notes. I figured that if I’m going to do it, I need to do it before the Orange Conference. So, here...

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