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Microsoft Surface: Did I miss something?

Apparently Microsoft announced a new product called the surface recently. I was watching Hulu this weekend and saw a comercial for the Surface tablet and I did an immediate double-take. What? I’ll admit, I was immediately disappointed.

Why? Because more than 5 years ago, Microsoft announced a product they had developed called Surface. I wrote about it here. Below is a video.

Yes, the video above looks like the future, right? Apparently, they only made a handful of these tabletop computers which made their way to high end hotels and such. I never saw one personally. Instead, Microsoft launches a new product last week called the surface, and it didn’t look like the future.

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Collaboration to the NEXT level!

So, I posted the other day that I’ve been watching a lot of TED talks through the TED app. It’s funny because I find myself in many conversations recently where I’ll say, “You know, I watched a TED talk recently that said…” If you’re looking to enrich your conversations with other people, by all means, you should watch/listen to some of these talks.

However, I listened to one on Saturday that has shaken me. The pure beauty of the innovation and thinking outside of the box both excites me and challenges me. It made me wish and pray for this kind of innovative thought for ministry. In this talk, Luis von Ahn explains how he’s leveraging the masses for incredibly massive collaborative projects, even when the masses have no idea how they are contributing.

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Recent innovations

Wow, so many really great innovation products and services launched today. What a great time to be alive! Forget the iPad, TechCrunch launches the CrunchPad. It requires a little work on your end, but...

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Pace of innovation

Last month I flew out to Nashville for a week. While at the airport, I noticed three distinct things. First of all, I noticed the advertising in the security check-point trays. Since 9-11, going through security has changed...

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