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The Bible App for Kids

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get my hands on the brand new Bible App for Kids from the makers of YouVersion, the Bible App just about everyone has on their phone. What a treat! The App is released into the wild on Thursday, but I thought I’d give everyone a sneak peak into this new app aimed for our kids.

I’ll start with this. I didn’t have any expectations going into this. I learned that this app was coming out a few weeks ago, but let me tell you, I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve not done any research or looked into what this app would be like. So, as I downloaded a copy of the app, I did so with no specific hopes or expectations for what this app would or would not be like. Honestly, I opened this app pretty much like most parents probably will.

Upon opening the app, I was impressed. My initial response was, “there’s no way a church designed this app.”

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App of the week: Onlive Desktop

I’ll probably get blasted from Mac fanboys for even suggesting such an app, but I felt it’s worth writing about and many should find it very helpful.

A friend of mine, who happens to work for Apple, introduced me to Onlive Desktop as a great iPad app. When he showed it to me, I thought… this is amazing! Genius actually. Honestly, I’m surprised that it took as long as it did to get an app like this on the iPad. What am I talking about? Onlive Desktop virtually puts Windows 7 on your iPad… kinda.

I know, I know… the first mocking question: Why would anyone put Windows 7 on your iPad? I’ll get to that in a minute.

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In search of the perfect printer

Okay, I need a little help from some fellow tech geeks. I have a 6 year old Dell laser printer which has been a fantastic little printer. I was using a wireless printer server for about 3 years until it crashed and burned a few months ago. I could never get my mac to print wirelessly, so I always had to email stuff to the PC and print from there. I’ve been setting aside some cash and I think I have enough now to get what I want. So, here is what I’m looking for and I’m hoping that someone can tell me what I could get.

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App of the week: Keynote Remote

A sure fire, no miss app for me that has saved my hide on many occasions this year has been Keynote Remote. If you use a mac personally or use macs for presentations at church or other speaking opportunities, I’d highly suggest investing in this very useful app for your iPad, iPod or iPhone. I’ve found myself in situations where the remote clicker I needed to use for a presentation could not get a clear line of site with the compter or perhaps I was too far away from the compter to get an appropriate signal to control the slideshow.

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Your ministry needs an app!

My friend Matt McKee just announced something incredible. It’s called 1000 apps for Christmas. His company, ROAR, is offering 1000 free apps in the next 30 days. That means if you want an app for your ministry,...

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Wired goes iPad all the way!

I love Wired magazine. It’s one of the few magazines I read and probably the only one I read cover to cover. The problem with me is that I’m just not a big fan of magazines anymore. The media I take in is almost 100%...

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Orange: MinisterSearch

As you know, I’m blogging for Orange this week, my third year straight. One of the things that is making it much easier to blog this year is some space that David Lyons of MinisterSearch has provided… the blogging...

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