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In search of the perfect printer

Okay, I need a little help from some fellow tech geeks. I have a 6 year old Dell laser printer which has been a fantastic little printer. I was using a wireless printer server for about 3 years until it crashed and burned a few months ago. I could never get my mac to print wirelessly, so I always had to email stuff to the PC and print from there. I’ve been setting aside some cash and I think I have enough now to get what I want. So, here is what I’m looking for and I’m hoping that someone can tell me what I could get.

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App of the week: Keynote Remote

A sure fire, no miss app for me that has saved my hide on many occasions this year has been Keynote Remote. If you use a mac personally or use macs for presentations at church or other speaking opportunities, I’d highly suggest investing in this very useful app for your iPad, iPod or iPhone. I’ve found myself in situations where the remote clicker I needed to use for a presentation could not get a clear line of site with the compter or perhaps I was too far away from the compter to get an appropriate signal to control the slideshow.

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App of the week: Car minder

I’ll start off by being very honest. Taking care of my car the way that it should does not come very natural to me. I’m probably this way for a lot of reasons, some of them good, some of them bad. However, I’ve...

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My iPod broke!

Last week I downloaded the Pandora app or the iPod/iPhone. Awesome! I’ve been plugging it into my stereo and enjoying some great internet radio. However, I was having some difficulty getting the line in to make a good...

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