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Mud and the Masterpiece

Okay, so my Pastor John Book wrote a book several years ago called “No Perfect People Allowed.” It’s an incredible book for sure and if you want to read a book about what it takes to reach people very far from...

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Product Review: Live it Out

So a few weeks ago, we took 70 kids and leaders to summer camp. There were 400 kids there overall and I had been hired by the camp to be the Camp Pastor at one of the three weeks of camp. They had chosen reThink’s Live it...

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Camp Day Two: Love your neighbor

So, here we are at day two of Kids Camp. Yesterday the main point was: Take it in & Live it out. Build my life on what really counts. Today we’re adding to this with: Choose to see you the way God see’s me. The...

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Kids Camp Day One

So, things have been quite on the blog the last couple of weeks. Camp is to blame. I’ve been working a lot of extra hours getting ready for summer camp. Now we’re at camp and I figure I’ll post a little every...

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