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The Lock-In (Part 4)

So, what ever will you do with a bunch of kids for 12-13 hours? We’re masters at programming for 60-90 minutes, but all night it totally different. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. First of all, you need to...

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The Lock-In (Part 3)

Structure and organization are necessary for fun. Without structure and organization, you’re volunteers are going to hate you. Without structure and organization, the kids will experience too much freedom which leads to...

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The Lock-In (Part 2)

I only have one ingredient to my recipe for success. All you need is the same ingredient and you’ll see success. Want to know what that ingredient is? The ingredient is… FUN! Okay, that sounds kinda obvious and...

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The Lock-In (Part 1)

I have a love/hate relationship with lock-ins. I’ve been doing them since I became a children’s pastor over a decade ago. I’ve done small and highly unorganized ones (in the early years) as well as huge and...

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The Lock-In

This week I’m doing a little series on Lock-Ins. Over the years I have found them to be incredibly powerful events for the Children’s Ministries I lead. I thought I’d write a quick series on why I do them and...

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Lock-In graphic

We’re doing a lock-in just before school starts. We’re a little behind the eight ball. I designed two graphics that we’d use on the web and post cards to promote. What do you think? Which do you...

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Calculated Risk

In less than two months, I’ll be a father. Finally. For over ten years of ministry I’ve often gotten strange looks from parents or fellow leaders as a result of some plans or programs. Occasionally they would...

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