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Labor Day Post: Manage your team

It’s labor day, you’re probably not going to read this until tomorrow, right? We all manage people, whether they get a paycheck or give their time away in our ministry environments. The principles of good management apply to both. Enjoy this intriguing infographic from Pepperdine University.

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For my fellow bloggers: Feedburner concerns

I just realized this weekend that all my feed subscribers seem to have disappeared. Not sure what that is about. Looks like it’s been like this for almost a week. Since it’s been a week since I’ve posted on this site, I’m not even sure if the service is working or not… like delivering feeds. I’m not super concerned, as there have been days in the past where the feed has shown zero, but this is a little longer than ever before.

I started doing a little investigation and found a few things.

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