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Microsoft Surface: Did I miss something?

Apparently Microsoft announced a new product called the surface recently. I was watching Hulu this weekend and saw a comercial for the Surface tablet and I did an immediate double-take. What? I’ll admit, I was immediately disappointed.

Why? Because more than 5 years ago, Microsoft announced a product they had developed called Surface. I wrote about it here. Below is a video.

Yes, the video above looks like the future, right? Apparently, they only made a handful of these tabletop computers which made their way to high end hotels and such. I never saw one personally. Instead, Microsoft launches a new product last week called the surface, and it didn’t look like the future.

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App of the week: Google Docs

You should have expected this from me, right? At times I’m still puzzled when I encounter people who haven’t yet used Google docs. I know it’s not the only or the first online/collaborative tool for documents,...

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Google to launch operating system

Yeah, you head that right. It’s been rumored for years but now it’s going to be a reality. Last night Google announced a Chrome based operating system and plans to release Chrome OS netbooks in 2010. To avoid the...

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