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Orange: Multi-Site Breakout

This year I’m helping host some breakouts, so Multi-Site Kidmin is the only breakout that I chose to attend. Nina Schmidgall, the Children’s Pastor led the breakout and did a great job. Here are some details about...

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Policy Manuals for Multi-Site

Quick question for those of you who have multiple campuses. I’ve found that there are sections of our policy manual that are “site-specific.” In redesigning our policy manual, I’ve created a core manual...

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My Multi-Site Makeover

Probably over a month ago I created a new page on my blog and posted pictures of Gateway’s South Campus. It needs a SERIOUS overhaul. I went in about 6 weeks ago, took picures, uploaded them to this page and had some...

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Enterprise 2.0

Okay. I think this this my last post in this two week series of technologically heavy posts (I think). I actually came across the little slide show below several months ago. It’s not outdated, but there are now other web...

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The Multi-Site Advantage

  Sorry, I still have multi-site on the brain. I was thinking about my last two posts all weekend and felt that I needed to emphasize the last few sentences of my most recent post. This was the thing that I found so beautiful...

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My Multi-Site Evaluation

Okay, my last post was getting too long and I hadn’t even gotten to my honest evaluation. So, I decided to add a separate post of my evaluation. I’ve been intimately involved in a multi-site church for about 18...

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My Multi-Site Journey

My new friend Dawn shot me an email asking me about what my church (being multi-site) is like. If you are closely involved in the multi-site movement, you would know that every one is different… kind of like snowflakes. My...

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