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Last night, Chris Parker, the student pastor at Gateway wrote a blog post that totally inspired me and I knew that I had to write this post today.

When I first took the job at Gateway six years ago, a reference told me that one of the “negatives” about Gateway was the office space. There just wasn’t enough. Many years later, we’re an even larger staff with the same amount of space. About a year ago, a decision was made to radically transform the offices. The idea was to transition to a highly collaborative office space. The private offices on the perimeter of the building would be shared or even general office space for meetings and the cube farm in the middle would be divided up into larger working spaces with couches and tables.

I was one of those lucky few who had a private office. It wasn’t a big office, but I could close the door and be in my own world all day. However, when I heard about the transition, I put my finger on the largest space and said, “Can I have half of this room, I want to bring my entire team together?”

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Where is your office?

The work environment is rapidly changing, even in the church. I live in Austin, which is a major tech city and it seems like many of my friends/peers no longer work (or have to work) in traditional offices. Many work exclusively from home or a combination of home and a local office. Even some who work in an office work with a team from all over the country. The days of a traditional office are over.

Several months ago, Gateway made a pretty significant transition in office culture. For years, we’ve not had enough office space. With a small farm of cubes in addition to small offices, everyone was super crowded. As we continued to grow the staff, things continued to get more uncomfortable. Then we realized something.

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Labor Day Post: Manage your team

It’s labor day, you’re probably not going to read this until tomorrow, right? We all manage people, whether they get a paycheck or give their time away in our ministry environments. The principles of good management apply to both. Enjoy this intriguing infographic from Pepperdine University.

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My staff loves me… I think

So the day after my birthday I come back to my office to find this: But the real treat treat was this: You see, my staff contacted my wife to find out what all my favorite candies are and they got me a basket full of movie-sized...

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