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Oops! More to come

I know, the two mistakes I wrote last week were fairly small ones. Typos. Who doesn’t do that? A good friend and fellow co-worker (she’s practically family… I call her Nene) from a previous church really would...

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Oops! Major email typo

Yesterday’s post reminded me of a very funny typo from an email I sent out last year. I was working at Cross Timber Community Church and we were getting ready of Venture Quest (our version of VBS). We had close to 1000...

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Oops! Email typo

Since I’ve arrived at Gateway a few months ago I’ve made it a point to communicate with parents just about every week. Many changes were in process and it’s very important that all of our parents feel informed...

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In the 11+ years I’ve been a Children’s Pastor I’ve made my share of mistakes. There is nothing I love more than sitting around a table with others and hearing the mistakes they’ve made. It makes me feel...

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Reggie Joiner… I apologize.

Okay, probably one of the most embarrassing things happened tonight. I’ve been hanging out at Orange with an old friend… a youth pastor I served with several years ago. Like many youth pastors, he’s a little...

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