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Orange Overload!

I’m wiped. Really, totally wiped. It’s 12:45 AM and I’m pooped. I still need to blog two breakouts and another session… but I don’t have it in me. Tomorrow I’m attending the Orange facebook...

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Reggie Joiner… I apologize.

Okay, probably one of the most embarrassing things happened tonight. I’ve been hanging out at Orange with an old friend… a youth pastor I served with several years ago. Like many youth pastors, he’s a little...

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Orange Meet-ups (continued)

I had so much fun connecting with people today. I was actually having so much fun, I ended up skipping one of the breakouts. Actually, it was because the restaurant was slow, but the company was really fun. The Kidology folks...

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Orange 2008: Session Three

Donald Miller spoke to us tonight about leadership. It was a very interesting talk. He had a very interesting, dry humor… the type that people would laugh at several seconds after he made the remark when people figured out...

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Orange 2008: Session Two

Man, I was dragging this morning! Not enough though to keep me from the morning session. Francis Chan was the speaker for this session. Hardcore. That’s about all I can say to describe this guy. He gets it in a way that so...

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I feel like I’m sooooo behind!

I’m having a blast at Orange. Day two was incredible. However, I’ve been sooooo busy. I don’t have Internet at the conference, so I’m having to catch up with everything once I get back to the hotel. I had...

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