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How my ministry team works

Yesterday I introduced you to my ministry team. We were invited to teach a lunch session at Orange about collaboration. I think the five of us all had some great things to say about collaboration, but more than that we just told...

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My Ministry Team

This is my ministry team. Oh, I have more than one. I have my staff, who I LOVE working with every day! This is my peer ministry team. They’re Children’s and Family Pastors from across the country. We all met on the...

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Team Orange

Last week it was my privilege to take my staff to Orange. Perhaps you saw them. Last year I attended Orange just a few days before coming on staff at Gateway. It was very hard to not want to just jump in and making 101 changes...

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TwitterChurch revisited

Almost a year ago I wrote this post. It was about a church in Michigan that integrated twitter into it’s services. Just the other day Time did a story on this church. Read it here. I’m challenged by what this church...

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