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Why children’s ministry should matter in your church

Yesterday I had heard that Perry Noble, the pastor of Newspring Church in South Carolina, had started a message series focusing on kids and the next generation. While driving yesterday, I listened to the audio of the message given last Sunday, “The Hunger Games: This is how we change the world (part 1).”

I’ve been following Perry Noble for many years. He’s a senior pastor who’s crazy passionate about reaching people who are far from God, and he’s a little crazy. What I love about him the most is that he’s a senior pastor who really believes in ministry to the next generation. I’m not saying he’s a pastor who says the next generation is important, but doesn’t fund or support the ministry as much as the generational staff feel they need. No, Perry is a champion of kids and student ministry. He invests HEAVILY and he even get’s confrontational about how significant investing in kids and student is.

This message is a home run. What would happen if every church believed in investing in the Next Generation as described in this message? What would happen if every senior leader championed the kids and student programs at their church like it really could change the world? Well, it might actually change the world.

Watch/Listen here: Hunger Games: This Is How We Change the World (Part 1)

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