Don’t let SOPA return!

A few months ago, SOPA and PIPA were shut down because Americans showed policy makers that we value freedom. If you missed that post, you can read it here. It was one of the most successful campaigns and the bills were totally shut down as policy makers pulled their support.

However, the Obama administration is still voicing support of SOPA. Wired noted recently that:

“The White House did say that it wouldn’t endorse a bill that endangers freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risks, or negatively affects the DNS system. On the other hand, it says elsewhere that “combating online infringement” — not protecting free speech — is a governmental priority “of the highest order.”

I got an email from Fight the Future yesterday stating that:

What is the White House working on exactly? Just the other day, the administration sent a letter to Congress to demonstrate their support for new internet censorship legislation.

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I love my freedom! Stop Pipa/Sopa!

I don’t really ever get political on this blog, but I guess when political issues intersect with the content/purpose of this blog, then I feel like I have something to say. Actually, I want to do more than just say...

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