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Leading a NextGen meeting: the Agenda

Last week at Orange, I led a breakout called “Aligning Your NextGen Team.” A big portion of this breakout was unpacking concepts around leading meetings. One of the best ways to align a team is to meet frequently. Last year at Orange, I led a breakout just on leading meetings. This has been a fun journey for me because 18-24 months ago, I was amazing at leading terrible meetings. After a lot of research, learning from others and implementing some great ideas, I now lead good meetings and sometimes they’re really great. Maybe one day they’ll be fantastic!

One of the most important components to a good meeting is having an agenda.

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Calendar planning

I did something I’ve never done before a few weeks ago. On of our Early Childhood leaders has a beautiful lake house on Lake Travis and offered to share it with my team, so I took my Kids Quest team away overnight to plan...

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Free: Coordinatr

Coordinatr is to Evite what Twitter is to blogging. It’s specialty? “Microevents.” Want to invite a bunch of friends over for dinner and a movie? Coordinatr is your tool. Now I love Evite. I typically use it...

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