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Christmast Prayer Activity

I don’t repost stuff on this site very often, but I figured that I couldn’t pass this one up as it was too popular last year. A year ago as we were preparing for our Christmas Eve services, I led our staff in a...

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God answers silly dog prayers

So our dog was missing for more than 48 hours. Sara was starting to get more upset about losing Francie. Good tempered and friendly dogs like Francie tend to be kept by dog finders (especially dogs without collars). Last night I...

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Silly dog prayers

In Children’s Ministry, silly dog prayers come with the job. What can you say, kids love to pray for their pets. We explain that God cares about the things that are important to us, even if it involves our pets. It’s...

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Please pray for Zayan!

Today I had to make a hospital call. This past Sunday one of our volunteers stopped in to tell my Early Childhood Director that she would be stepping down from her volunteer position because she just found out her 18 month old...

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