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Make an investment in your leaders/volunteers

I’m a HUGE fan of the regional conference. Whenever possible, I go to the big national conference. They inspire me and challenge me to think bigger than I currently do. They help me take a step back and see the forest from the trees. Whenever possible, I encourage ministry leaders to get away and grow in this way. Few things will do more for your ministry than for the leader to expand his/her vision and to connect with other like-minded people.

However, little will have a greater impact on momentum and synchronized focus than mass participation at a regional conference/event.

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Orange Tour 2012/2013

Orange recently released the dates and locations of the 2012-2013 Orange Tour. I’m pumped for several reasons.

The Orange Tour is amazing. As much as I love attending the Orange Conference, I love bringing key leaders and volunteers to the Orange Tour. It is one of the biggest investments I make into my ministry and leaders every year. If you’re new to Orange and you are not sure what it’s all about, I encourage you to get to a tour location this year. Fly, drive or take a boat for all I care. You’ll spend a lot less than a regular conference, but you’ll get a heaping dose of Orange strategy that will certainly bring you up to speed.
I have a feeling about the tour this year.

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Orange Tour Online

So back in January, I took 20+ staff and volunteers to the Orange Tour in Dallas. What  can I say, I’m a huge believer in the regional conference! This Orange Tour was easily the best one yet… but all of them have...

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Orange is almost here!

Believe it or not, Orange will be here in a little over a month. Can you believe that? I know that some of you out there haven’t decided yet whether you’re going to attend or not. Well, I’d really like to...

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Orange Tour Live: TODAY!

I said this last week, but in case you forgot, the Orange Tour Live is today at 1:00 PM EST. Let me break this down for you in case you’re a dummy like me (I told my team and subsequently my volunteers, that that since it...

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Freshly squeezed orange

Well, yesterday I got to enjoy the Orange One Day event in DFW, Texas. Hands down, it was the best one yet. I’ve got a little advice for you. Do whatever you can do attend the Orange Conference. It’s an incredible...

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Parents in Transition

Time flies fast from elementary to college age, so get ready to change your parenting habits. Every child seems to move in warp speed toward the teenage years. I was caught by surprise when a new declaration of personal...

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ReThink ReInvents Family Times

I must say that I’m very excited about Cue Box, a new resource coming soon from reThink that ties directly into 252Basics. For years reThink has offered virtue packs through Family Times that tied into the monthly virtue....

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Drinking from a fire hydrant

So, Orange 2010 is officially over now. Unfortunately, I’m not even done blogging my experiences from the first day. More than any other year, Orange has been like drinking from a fire hydrant. Creative ideas and...

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