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App of the Week: Cash

One of the most useful apps I’ve encountered lately has been the new Cash App from the makers of square. You know square, the people who made it super easy to take credit card payments over your iPhone or iPad. They’ve changed the landscape for small businesses, regular people who need to take credit card as payment as well as church bookstores or walk-up registration situations.

Their new app “cash” has made digital payment among people you know easier than ever. I’m like a lot of people now days, I just don’t carry much cash on me… and I usually only write checks a few times a year. It’s nice to have extra payment options as it’s not always convenient to have to run to the bank to pay a friend back.

Here’s how cash works:

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The Ultimate Bible Resource List

Hey Kidmin and NextGen friends. I need a favor. Hopefully in helping me, you’ll help yourself or at least help hundreds of others who need this same resource. So, let’s do a little crowdsourcing project. Are you ready?

I’m sure you get asked this question or similar questions all the time. “What Bible do you recommend for my 7 year old? Do you have a devotional that you recommend for my 10 year old?” You name the age, I get the question and I’m sure you’re the same.

So, I’m trying to put together a short list. The emphasis on “short.” I know that there are hundreds of incredible resources, but I know that it is easy to overwhelm a parent. I want to make it simple which means making it more likely a parent will find it helpful. So, I want to put together a list of Bibles and Bible Resources for 0-18 years of age. When a parent says, “What Bible do you recommend for my 2 year old,” what would you recommend? I know that there are some Bibles that play to the boys or the girls when they get older. What is at the top of your list?

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Leading a NextGen meeting: the Agenda

Last week at Orange, I led a breakout called “Aligning Your NextGen Team.” A big portion of this breakout was unpacking concepts around leading meetings. One of the best ways to align a team is to meet frequently. Last year at Orange, I led a breakout just on leading meetings. This has been a fun journey for me because 18-24 months ago, I was amazing at leading terrible meetings. After a lot of research, learning from others and implementing some great ideas, I now lead good meetings and sometimes they’re really great. Maybe one day they’ll be fantastic!

One of the most important components to a good meeting is having an agenda.

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