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Kids Camp: Day 3

Day three was incredible. At this point, we were just getting into our groove. It was another fun day at camp as you can see from the video above. So, on day three of our Chase the Light camp series, the kids learned about...

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Leading a child to faith

I love leading kids to faith. It’s the best thing in the world. Actually I really love baptizing kids too or at least helping parents baptize their kids as well. It’s just one of the perks of being a children’s...

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Since we’re on the subject

Last week I discussed the concept of how we handle decisions and baptism with kids. Truthfully I only planned to write one post, but it kind of morphed into a week’s worth of posts. I still had a few thoughts I...

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Out of our control

The idea I blogged about yesterday is what I’ve been processing the most. I really like this idea a lot. But I naturally have some questions. Perhaps you did too. 1. It’s obvious that only a percentage of the parents...

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