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Special Kidmin rate for tax preparation

Hey Kidmin friends! It’s that time of year again. Time to pay the piper… I mean Uncle Sam. If you’re in full time ministry, taxes aren’t easy. Self-employment taxes, social security issues, housing allowance, milage and all the other complicated pieces of the puzzle you have to mess with. The result ends up being that tax time becomes either really complicated or really expensive. Over the years, I’ve learned that many of my kidmin friends have a “tax-connection” where they have a friend or professional that gives them a great deal. That’s awesome! For those who don’t, I’ve got a special connection for you!

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Get a $10,000 raise this year!

The title sounds appealing, doesn’t it? I didn’t pick a misleading title, I really meant it. Most people reading this right now apply and are eligible for this $10,000 raise regardless of how much you make right now. What’s the catch. We’ll it’s not a get rich quick scam. It’s called frugal living.

Several years ago, my wife found a blog series about finding 100 ways to save $100 in a year. If you could find 100, then your annual savings would literally be $10,000. Some people live very frugally, but most people have a lot of fluff in their budget… even if they don’t make a lot of money.

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