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What is innocence?

Okay, this post is a continuation of the series I began last week about porn, sex and chidlren’s ministry. When I got home on Thursday night, my wife and I had an interesting talk about what I’d been writing...

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Kids caught in the porn trap

So this week I’ve broached the subject of sex, porn and Children’s Ministry, but I mostly opened the conversation about parent driven sex talks and resources. I haven’t said much about pornography though....

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Resources for the sex talk

Since we’re on the topic of helping parents be prepared to talk to their kids about sex, let’s talk about what resources you know of. I’ll be perfectly honest. My son is three, and we’re not even remotely...

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Gateway Church: Let’SEXpress

Here at Gateway we just wrapped up a five week series on sex. I guess it’s kinda the series churches are trying to hit, huh? I haven’t really listened to any other church’s series on sex, so I can’t...

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