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Make it Clear: Follow the Frog

A couple of days ago I came across the following video. With over 3 million views, you may or may not have seen it, but you’ll love it.

This is a funny video, but it PERFECTLY illustrates a key principle of the book Switch, a book all about change. The concept is “If you want people to change, you must provide crystal clear direction.”

The illustration used in switch is how two college professors tried to encourage a change in public health in a West Virginia city. Getting healthy is about a vague as you can imagine. Everyone has their own opinions of what getting healthy looks like or consists of. The two professors decided to attack local unhealthiness through milk.

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Book Review: Switch

Just a few weeks ago I finished reading Switch, written by the Heath brothers. I admit, I have not read their early book, “Made to Stick,” but I’ve added that to my list. If it’s anything like Switch,...

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