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Here are your clergy tax options

Because you’re in ministry, you’re taxes are more complicated. You have a housing allowance, you may or may not have exempted out of social security and for various reasons, every church processes the taxes of their pastors differently (I know from personal example). You have have had taxes down at your last church, but now you’re totally confused.

Most of you only have a couple of tax options:

  1. Do them yourself.
  2. Go to the local tax prep office
  3. Go to a CPA

Let me evaluate your three options.

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Special Kidmin rate for tax preparation

Hey Kidmin friends! It’s that time of year again. Time to pay the piper… I mean Uncle Sam. If you’re in full time ministry, taxes aren’t easy. Self-employment taxes, social security issues, housing allowance, milage and all the other complicated pieces of the puzzle you have to mess with. The result ends up being that tax time becomes either really complicated or really expensive. Over the years, I’ve learned that many of my kidmin friends have a “tax-connection” where they have a friend or professional that gives them a great deal. That’s awesome! For those who don’t, I’ve got a special connection for you!

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Tax Time!

On Tuesday, the IRS opens for another business year… collecting your money! So, what does this have to do with Kidmin? Well, nothing, but over the years I’ve been committed to sharing resources to those who serve in...

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Random design question

Okay, my design question isn’t really random, it just doesn’t have anything to do with kids or church ministry. My parents own their own tax business. They’ve been a part of a franchise for the last 5-6 years,...

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