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Stop “doing your own thing”

I recently came across this blog post. Yes, it’s written to the student ministry audience, but it could just have easily been written to the kidmin community. For whatever reason, those of us in kidmin just love writing curriculum. I’m not sure what our reasons are. I say “us” and “our” because I spent the first several years of ministry writing much of the curriculum I taught. Granted, this was in a time where there were also very few options… not today when there are so many options for every kind of ministry genre.

Seriously, read the post, “The problem with ‘We do our own thing.'”

I want to point out the three main points of why you shouldn’t write your own curriculum:

  • It’s arrogant to write everything.
  • Curriculum is cheap, your time isn’t.
  • It communicates isolation when your students long for connection.
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Stupid hurts

I just read John Maxwell’s post about how he was recently arrested. That’s right, arrested. No, it’s not what you’re probably initially thinking (disappointing that we’ve been let down by Christian...

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