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Aligning your day to get the most done

According to a recent study, the most productive time of the day is actually 10:26 AM. This time was derived by a survey of more than 400 individuals. The same survey stated that the most unproductive time of day is at 2:55 PM, about the time your lunch has settled and you’re feeling ready for a short coma. The second most productive time is listed as 4:16, when the day is almost coming to a close and everyone’s trying to get everything done before it is time to go home.

True, this is just a survey of 400 random people. More than likely, your times of productivity and less that productivity are close to these times as well, but it’s entirely possible that you’re the exception to the rule. What’s most important is that you do have times of higher productivity as well as times where you’re more likely to be checking facebook or walking around the office looking for someone to talk to. The point of this post isn’t about how closely your times line up with the norm. I just think there are two questions we should each ask ourselves.

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My secret for super-productivity

A few years ago I did something unintentionally that has probably allowed me to be far more productive than I ever thought possible. Seriously, it was the easiest thing ever. It took all of 2 minutes and it’s still paying off 5 years later. Are you ready for this, it could change your life too?

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Where is your office?

The work environment is rapidly changing, even in the church. I live in Austin, which is a major tech city and it seems like many of my friends/peers no longer work (or have to work) in traditional offices. Many work exclusively from home or a combination of home and a local office. Even some who work in an office work with a team from all over the country. The days of a traditional office are over.

Several months ago, Gateway made a pretty significant transition in office culture. For years, we’ve not had enough office space. With a small farm of cubes in addition to small offices, everyone was super crowded. As we continued to grow the staff, things continued to get more uncomfortable. Then we realized something.

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Finding your productivity sweet spot

For years, I’ve believed that my most productive time of the day was between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM. I’m a night owl. I like it when it’s quite. No one is emailing me. No one is calling me. I can just get stuff done. However, I think that I’ve been lying to myself. Don’t get me wrong, I am a night owl. Actually, I think I’m just a big kid who doesn’t want to go to bed. But I think I’ve been fooling myself about my most productive hours.

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Week one… complete!

Sorry it’s been kind of quite on the blog lately. As most of you know, I started my new job as Next Generation Pastor at Gateway Community Church last week. It was a great first week. Really, of the first weeks I’ve...

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