What I learned from my grass

So I live in Central Texas where last summer, it hardly rained and I think it was over 100 degrees for 300+ day’s straight. That may be an exaggeration, but my yard wasn’t happy. Actually, about midway through the summer, I got a notice from our Home Owners Association that the grass in my front yard needed to be repaired. We were given an extension with no definite expiration because there was no way to repair the grass without significant wanter and since were were under heavy drought, that action wouldn’t be prudent.

Sara, my smart and beautiful bride, and I started doing some research. She was ready to go with the full on “Arizona style” zero-scape, but I wasn’t quite ready to be that neighbor. I started looking into the other kinds of grasses we could use. I kept telling Titus that we were getting rid of the “Florida” grass (St. Augustine) and looking for some good “Texas” grass, which made him happy. I learned that Buffalo Praire Grass was allowed by our HOA and it looked like a good option. It’s actual native to this area of Texas and incredibly drought resistant. Because I have some shade (not much) in my yard, I actually found the perfect solution, a grass mix called Habi-turf. It is a mix of Buffalo Grass, Blue Grama, and Curley Mesquite. Sounds like a grass from Texas, huh? It’s both drought resistant and does well in some shade. Woo hoo! Here’s the vision my friends. One the grass is established, I can water it only once every 45 days. Even better, I can mow it just once a month. And guess what? It loves the hot 100+ weather. Sounds like a yard dream come true, huh?

I’m getting somewhere, I promise.

So, in late May, I spent an excruciating 15 hours tilling up my entire front yard

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