surge About 9 months ago I wrote this post on taking kids on a mission trip. I was in the planning process of taking twenty 4th and 5th graders to Mexico. Unfortunately, I hit one of my blogging lulls when I actually went on the trip and I never followed up on the post. Let me tell you, it was one of the single most memorable experiences in my children’s ministry career. Absolutely incredible!

The trip was amazingly smooth. There are very few things that I would change. However, I did learn a few lessons. If you’ve ever thought about involving kids on a mission trip, you should totally start planning to do it.

Beginning tomorrow, I’ll start my Surge series. I’m spilling it all. Every detail, every plan, every document. So, if you’re ever interested in doing this kind of trip, you’ll have a good place to start. I had a very difficult time getting information from those who’ve done this before. I essentially had a reinvent the wheel. Now I present to you my wheel. Don’t reinvent… just tweak!