Capture3-3-2008-2.26.15 AM Back in September I wrote several posts about seeking employment in the Children’s Ministry. I was in the process of hiring an elementary director and I thought I’d share my insights of the hiring process. Who knew just a few months later I’d be taking my own advice. Who knew?

This isn’t really much of an update as it is observations I’ve had these last few months. I don’t plan to write about this experience until I’m beyond it. Just know that my family and I are doing really well, God’s been taking good care of us and I’m every excited about what’s on the horizon.

However, I’ve learned a lesson or two from my experience these past six months. Yeah, some lessons stretch back to even before I was let go, but most pertain to what I’ve been learning while looking for a new position. So, starting tomorrow I’ll be posting a little series of posts entitled “lessons learned the hard way.” This stuff is pretty fresh for me and hopefully it will be helpful to some of you out there.