Every year about this time, I like to throw this post out on my blog. Everyone is starting to get their W-2 and it’s time to see the tax man. I know that if you’re in ministry, preparing your taxes are a little more time consuming as well as more expensive. So, in keeping with the tradition of this blog, I want to tell you about a great resource for tax prep if you’re in ministry. My mom and dad. They own their own tax preparation company in South Georgia called TC Tax Service. Although the majority of their business is local, a small percentage of their client base live in other states and some in other countries (many are military service men and women who are transferred, but stick with my parents). Also, many of their clients are other pastors who know me or have worked for me over the years. So, here’s why you need to consider calling my parents up.

  • My mom is an enrolled agent. It’s the highest designation a tax preparation professional can get and mean she can represent you before the IRS if there was every any mistake or trouble on anyone’s part.
  • My mom and dad are experts in clergy tax. Since they’ve been doing my taxes for the past 15 years, they’ve always stayed up to date on current tax law affecting ministers by reading cases, attending classes and other resources.
  • My dad specializes in commercial tax preparation, so they understand the taxes from the corporate side of things. In addition, they’ve kept books and payroll for churches and non-profits, so they recognize and understand the tax process from both the church side as well as the minister’s side.
  • They’re both detailed and creative. What I mean by that is I remember growing up and learning how to balance my checkbook. I’d sit with my mom for hours looking for my error when my checkbook was off by 2 cents. They’re creative in the sense that they’re more than one way to approach your tax situation. Sometimes they see opportunities where I can change the way I’m saving or purchasing things that will impact my tax situation and they’ve made recommendations to maximize my refund. One time my mom called me and told me to put some money in an IRA by the end of the day because she saw that by me doing it would increase my refund essentially adding more money to my name. They look at the WHOLE picture and figure out plan that is best for you.
  • Here’s the biggest reason why you need to give them a call. My mom will do your taxes for $100. Why so cheap? Well, she really enjoys helping people in ministry who know me or people that I know. She also considers it a way that she’s giving back, using her talents and resources to be a blessing.

More than likely, you’re paying a CPA, who may or may not have the most up to date knowledge on church and clergy tax. More that likely you’re spending a lot more than $100. It’s also likely that some of you are spending $50-60 on tax software and many hours trying to do it yourself without the confidence that you’ve really done it in a way that is both 100% accurate or best for your financial situation. So, it might do you good to give my parents a call. Lean on their experience and expertise and either save a lot of money or save a lot of time. I promise, you’ll be glad that you did.

You can contact them through their website. Ask for Terry or Cathy (although it’s usually my mom who does all the clergy preparation). Just tell them that Kenny sent you.