On Tuesday, the IRS opens for another business year… collecting your money! So, what does this have to do with Kidmin? Well, nothing, but over the years I’ve been committed to sharing resources to those who serve in ministry. So, here’s one of those ways.

Over the years I’ve learned that most people I know in ministry have one of a few tax arrangements:

  • They attempt to do their own taxes
  • They pay a CPA
  • They’ve got their own sweet hook up

The truth is that if you’re in ministry, your taxes are not straight-forward. Clergy tax is unique and the average H&R Block employee is not going to have any idea how to file your taxes (they may attempt it but there’s no telling if it done right). Unless you have a tax and accounting background, you’re probably not knowledgable enough to do it right and the amount of time you’ll spend staying up to date on clergy tax law probably isn’t worth the time you’ll spend on it. Finding a CPA who actually is up to date on clergy tax will cost you, probably $300 or more. That’s probably a reasonable price, but there are a lot of things I’d rather do with $300. Plus, just because you have a CPA doing your taxes doesn’t mean they’re up to date on clergy tax.

So, I’m suggesting a better option for you. TC Tax Service out of Valdosta, GA. They’ve been doing my taxes for more than a decade and I’ve always been pleased with the job they’ve done. I’m also amazed by the level of service that they provide. Not only do they do an incredible job on my taxes, but they’ve even watched my kids while Sara and I went out on a date and they’ve fed us many meals. Yes, they’ve done all those things for me, but probably not because I’m a great client, but because I’m also their son. 🙂

All jokes aside, I’ve sent many co-workers and others in ministry from all over the US their way and I always get BIG thanked for the recommendations. My mom loves giving back to those who give of their lives and she absolutely loves helping people who know me. So, the deal she offers ministers is $100. Typically with the time she puts into it, she’s not making any money, but she loves it. Last year I sent her 10-12 new kidmin people. So, be sure to check out TC Tax. Even if you’re happy with where you’re at, she’d be glad to answer your questions or take a look at past returns to make sure they were done right.

So, check out their website and contact them from there. Remember, tell them that Kenny sent you! You can read more about what they offer here.