texassnowmanI’ve lived in Texas for 5 years now and I’ve learned that when the white stuff falls, people get really excited. Since a large portion of my facebook friends are from Texas, my feed has been lit up with pictures of the snow on in the yard, on the street, on the car and everywhere else. It’s like Christmas here! I actually grew up a southern boy. In ten years in south Georgia, one time it snowed about 2 inches. That day was one of the best days of my life. But what all southern states have in common are their snowmen. We’ve seen them in the movies and on TV shows, and if there’s going to be snow, we’re going to build a snowman. Even if that means we’ll use up very inch of snow in the front yard, the back yard… and maybe even the neighbors yard.

So, you know you’re in the south when you see a snowman in a yard, yet there’s not any snow in the yard. Oh, and these snowmen usually aren’t totally white because they’ve picked up quit a bit of dirt, leaves and debris in the process of being rolled. But hey, it’s a snowman, right?