Oh good, you made it. This is going to be fun!

As I said earlier, this isn’t a comprehensive strategy – but it is “a” strategy. I found that there were some communication needs in my ministry that weren’t being met by email. Texting seemed like an obvious solution, so I began to research my options. Pretty early on, I discovered a company called On Time Telecom (dialmycalls.com). I immediately fell in love and have been using them exclusively ever since. Not only did “dialmycalls.com” solve some of my communication problems, it provided solutions to problems I didn’t even know I had (does that even make sense?).

I was looking for a more effective way to communicate and dialmycalls.com provided an excellent solution. However, I discovered a built-inĀ feature that could be leveraged to do some really exciting things. So, it’s time for me to share. Here are the three parts of my ministry text strategy.

Ministry Texting Strategy: Intro & Overview

A Quick Tour of dialmycalls.com

Ministry Texting Strategy: Part One

Quick & Efficient Communication

Ministry Texting Strategy: Part Two

Content Sharing via Keywords

Ministry Texting Strategy: Part Three

Sign-Ups via Keywords

Ministry Hacks

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