Well, the Blog Madness is over (well, depends on how you define madness). The contest came to an end and this site had a great fight, but did not take the crowning victory. Nope, we came in 3rd place. Rob from Chidlrens Ministry 1234 came in the top spot and Sam Luce came in 2nd. I barely took the 3rd spot ahead of Amy Dolan at Lemon Lime Kids. Since Rob is from Down Under, I guess that makes this blog in the 2nd top spot in the USA. Not too shabby.

Thanks so much everyone for voting. I hope that you’ll continue to engage in the little community we have here and continue to make this blog great. I’ve got some fun ideas in the coming months that will certainly keep you engaged. So, have a great Easter weekend and thanks again for all your votes, I’m honored you can know!