In case you haven’t heard, the 2009 Orange Conference will have a bloggers lounge. I’m lucky enough to have been invited to be a part of the Orange 09 blogging team. However, the bloggers lounge isn’t just for bloggers, but a place people to connect. Each blogger has his or own “network” of readers and contributers the bloggers lounge is simply a place for bloggers and readers to connect. Oh, and there will be all kinds of blogger to blogger networking going on. Expect to see a surge of video, live blogging and normal posts coming out of Orange. I expect that there will be amazing coverage spewed out on the web next week.

Chances are that you are either following a number of blogs out there on the inter-web OR you’ve at least checked into a few of them from time to time while doing a search online. And you’ve probably found some pretty helpful information or ideas while reading. To try and help you guys network at Orange 2009, we are assembling nearly 20 of the more well-known bloggers in childrens ministry and student ministry to get together and meet with you guys on site at the event.

These guys have built in networks, and your participation is only a click away. Be sure to stop by the second floor of the Arena while you’re at Orange to shake a hand, put a face with a name, or ask your questions. They’ll be hosting brown bag lunches on Thursday and Friday to cover specific topics related to social media and networking…just another free perk of joining us at Orange 2009.

Oh, and did we mention that there will be free online access and coffee in the bloggers lounge?


Carlos Whittaker – Production Director, Buckhead Church, GA
Twitter: loswhit

Jon Acuff – Creative Writer, GA
Twitter: prodigaljohn
Blog:,, 97secondswithGodcom

Ben Arment – Director, Catalyst West Coast, GA
Twitter: BenArment

Brad Lomenick
– Executive Director, Catalyst, GA
Twitter: bradlomenick

JC Thompson – Elem. Production Director, Brookwood Church, SC
Twitter: jconline

Kenny Conley – Next Generation Pastor, Gateway Church, TX
Twitter: kennyconley

Matt Mckee –
Pastor of Students and Children, Horizon Community Church, OH
Twitter: mattmckee

Jonathan Cliff – Children’s Pastor, Trinity Church, TX
Twitter: jonathancliff

Sam Luce – Children’s Ministry Director Mt. Zion Ministries Church, NY
Twitter: samluce

Gina McLain – LifeKids Pastor,, OK
Twitter: jabberfrog

Chad Swanzy – Student Ministried Pastor, Gateway Church, TX
Twitter: theuprisinglive

Rick Smith – Youth Speaker, Seminary Student, TX
Twitter: Rick_Smith

Anna Meadows – Associate Youth Pastor,, OK
Twitter: anna_meadows

Chris Szulwach – Student Pastor at Liverpool Community Church, Liverpool, NY
Twitter: CoffeeWithChris
Blog: Coffee with Chris

John Saddington – Creative Web Director, North Point Ministries, GA
Twitter: human3rror