So yesterday I sung the praises of The Almighty Bible as a great Bible for tween kids. Truth is, I’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg. The people behind The Almighty Bible are up to something a lot bigger than just another version of the Bible. They’re out to lure a generation to engage in the Bible like never before. How? Through their club.

Go ahead, check it out. At this moment, it is open and explore-able. The idea behind the club is that you’ll never need to buy the actual books for your kids. Instead, you’ll sign them up for the club for just a few bucks a month… much cheaper than buying all the individual books. Once your child logs into the club, they have a bookshelf where they collect the books. As they read the books, every 4-5 pages contains a quiz, questioning them about what they just read. As they answer the questions correctly, they gain points. With the points, they can unlock more books on their bookshelf. As the kids want to read more books, they have to unlock them. In addition, they can buy trading cards as well. Trading cards are for a built in game called the Mission. It’s a game designed ofter modern, cutting edge game logic following two teenagers who recently crossed paths with Paul (from the New Testament). They’re on a mission to spread the gospel whil avoiding getting caught by people trying to stop the spread of the Gospel. I know it sounds just a little cheesy, but check it out… it’s way better than I described it. In order to advnace through the Mission, you have to play trading cards to keep going.

It’s great. The club engages the kids around fun concepts, but in order to continue, kids are pushed back toward reading their Bibles. In addition, there is a prayer garden where kids learn to begin praying for people and needs and develop a daily habit of praying.

The coolest part about all of this is how a parent or church leader can oversee the progress and structure of a child’s experience. Parents can track their child’s progress in the reading, the games or other components. They can even edit/change the trivia questions they encounter as they read the scripture. It can also be set up where a small group leader can oversee his or her kids on the Club. This way you can extend the Sunday experience, into other activities during the week.

A lot of the site is still in development, but it looks like It’s going to be amazing.