A few weeks ago I had someone contact me from The Almighty Bible. They sent me their books of Genesis and Exodus to review. I got them, thumbed through them and was really pleased. It wasn’t a lot different from the Action Bible, which aslo is a great Bible, especially for older elementary boys. It had the comic book style which is very relevant to the boys. However, what I liked about the Almighty Bible is the thoroughness of the books. This isn’t a dig on any other Kids Bible, but here’s the basic deal. If you’re going to have a heavily illustrated Bible, it’s going to take a lot more pages. Since a kid isn’t going to care around a 5,000 page book, an illustrated kids Bible is going to have to cut stuff out of it. Titus has two kids bibles by his bed and depending on what story he wants to read, I pick from one of the two Bibles. One has the story of Joseph and the Coat of many colors and the other does not. The beauty of the Almighty Bible is that they’re developing a much more comprehensive Bible in a very relevant medium. When it’s all said and done, there will be scores of books to read. Often times our kids get tired of their Bibles because they’ve read it through 100 times. However, if there was a Kids Bible that had a similar scope as the actual Bible, it’s less likely they’ll get bored with it. There’s just too much to read. I love this!

Now, this Bible is not for your 1st grader. In case you haven’t noticed, the Bible is pretty mature. The Bible deals with extreme violence, sexual issues and a bevy of other mature topics. This Almighty Bible doesn’t tackle these issues full on or in depth, but it doesn’t totally avoid them either. Like I said, it’s not for your 1st grader. However, the 3rd, 4th or 5th grader… it might be a perfect fit.

One other thing I love. The people behind this Bible are so awesome for thinking of this. In addition to books of the Bible, they’re also developing Biblical fiction. One of the books they have out is Michal and David. It’s a fictional account of their life together. It’s based on the Biblical events, but explores what their relationship could have been like as the Bible doesn’t go into those details. The target? Tweenage girls. So much of the Bible is male driven, which is just the result of the times and culture. These Biblical fiction books are told through the eyes of young women, something that tween girls will be drawn to. I love it!

So, what are they trying to do? Get kids who may not be totally ready for their full on Bibles, but have outgrown their children’s Bibles to fall in love with the Bible. This is awesome. I’m going to write more tomorrow… I’m just touching the tip of the iceberg here.