So, today is the beginning of the three week blog tour for Kidmin’s newest resource, The Eric Trap. Last night, Jim Wideman shared a little of the “behind the scenes” look into how The Eric Trap came about. It’s certainly worth the read. Brother Jim has published several books over the years, but this one is the second book produced through his Infuse coaching program.

To start things off today, Jenny Funderburke posted her review of The Eric Trap. We picked her to start this tour because she’s been intimately involved in the project. She came to the Infuse Retreat to help Brother Jim as a coach. At this retreat, the fable portions of the book had already been written and the other chapters were still mostly outlines. Jenny provided a great deal of feedback as well as a second set of eyes during the editing process. Actually, Jenny’s probably read the book 3-4 times already.

I’ve always been really happy with her feedback. While writing this book, we really felt we had something here that was going to help a lot of people and Jenny always confirmed those thoughts. Click over here to read her review and be sure to leave a comment, she’s got a couple of book to give away!