Now we’re getting somewhere! Today the blog tour jumped to the next level with three different reviews. Trust me, it’s going to get a little nuts these next few weeks. Just wait until the week the book comes out!

Actually last night, Rob Livingston wrote a great post starting off day two. Rob is a bi-vocational kid’s pastor… a school teacher in Sweet Home Alabama. He and I broke bread (or tacos) at Chuy’s here in Austin 8 months ago and I think I made a friend forever by sending him on to eat the best BBQ brisket he’d ever tasted. The funny thing is that Rob didn’t have a blog 10 days ago when he requested a copy of the book… perhaps the Eric Trap prompted a new habit? I hope so! I liked Rob’s review a lot. He described how at one point he got really excited about a decision Eric made thinking, “finally, he got something right!” only to find out that this too was a bad decisions. This illustrates a story we wanted to tell. Often times we in Kidmin (or other areas of church leadership) do what we feel is right and natural, but sometimes what seems right and natural may not be what is best.

Jonathan Cliff wrote another great review (he also wrote on the back cover of the book) that was fun to read. He talked about how he felt Sam and I were putting all his junk out on the table. Honestly, Sam and I do know Jonathan pretty well and it wasn’t too hard to get the phone numbers of a few of his staff and volunteers…. just kidding. No, the truth is that many are going to read this book and say, “Hey, that’s me!” It’s the reality that the traps Eric falls into is common to us all. I think Jonathan is giving away some books on his site as well.

Lastly, my good friend Jenn Day wrote another great review over on her brand-spanking-new blog. You must check it out. She posed a handful of questions to determine if this book is worth your time. There may be a few who say, “Nah, I’m good.” But I think that most will say, “Yeah, I kinda suck in that aspect of ministry/leadership. Jenn, thanks for your perspective and different approach to the book review. Lastly, if you’re looking to get your hands on a free book, go read her review and comment. It’s as easy as that.