Man, we’re really starting to get into this thing.

Today we had two incredible reviews of the book, The Eric Trap. Let me tell you, these people aren’t being paid or encouraged to say what they’re saying. I personally asked about 3-5 people to write reviews and Sam invited 3-5 people as well. Everyone else simply requested a book to review. I had a conversation with Brother Jim last week where he told me that he didn’t know half the people who were going to review the book. We determined that this is a good thing… that’s its not the normal fans who are going to say it’s a great book just because someone’s name is on it. Someone asked, “What if someone doesn’t like it?” Well, there’s probably going to be some people who don’t like it. I know that when I’m shopping for something on Amazon, I always read the top reviews and the bottom reviews. A product without any negative reviews sometimes makes me a little wary (that’ not an invitation for negative reviews so you know). We all just believe that the book is going to speak for itself, and so far… the verdict is that this book is going to help a lot of people.

As I posted earlier today, Evan Doyle posted a video review of the book in just over 3 minutes. If you’re too lazy to read, watch his video.

Later today, Henry Zonio wrote a great review from a skeptic of “leadership” books. I liked how he explained that the story of Eric disarmed him. It caught him off guard and presented real issues in a relatable way.

Lastly, half-way through the day, Brother Jim decided to give away a few books by commenting on his blog and sending out some tweets. As a result, everyone who commented ended up getting a free book. There are still plenty of opportunities to get a free book if you haven’t already.

Well, the tour continues on tomorrow with reviews from three other bloggers.