Day 4 and already 9 reviews of the Eric Trap. Not bad, huh? I’ve got three more reviews to point you towards today. Three really great reviews:

Sarah Richards, Children’s Pastor in MN wrote a great post summarizing the essence of The Eric Trap on her blog this morning. She’s also giving away a couple of books, so if you haven’t scored one yet, be sure to comment on her post!

Wayne Stocks, my friend from Dad in the Middle wrote a very fun post. I really appreciate his post. He expressed his hesitation with another collaborative book… and I totally get it. Collaborative books are great. One of my favorite books (Switch) is a collaborative book. However, sometimes collaborative books can get in a rut. A couple good chapters… a couple not-so-good chapters and some chapters that could go either way. All in all, they’re great resources… and this is what Wayne was feeling. However, the Eric Trap was different. He got sucked in right from the beginning and couldn’t put it down. He finished it in one day… two sittings. It seems like a lot of people have had this same experience. He’s also giving away a few books. Go visit his blog to find out how you can get a copy. Thanks Wayne for your review.

Lastly, Chris Sykes both wrote a review and made a video which is below. I think he might have been showing off a little filming outside from beautiful South Florida… ha! Chris had some strong things to say, describing The Eric Trap as a conference in a book… or even a year of coaching in a book. He accused us again of following him around and documenting his ministry life and putting it in book form. No, we’re not that creepy… but I wouldn’t put that past us.

Are you getting excited yet? The book will be available soon!