It’s week two and the blog tour is at it again with three more stops, yesterday.

My friend Brian Dollar posted a great review on his blog. He shared with his readers the three reasons why he liked this book so much.

  1. It’s a leadership fable – who doesn’t like a leadership fable?
  2. Eric is easy to relate to – because he’s just like so many of us.
  3. The lessons are impacting – even those of us who have been dong this for a long time slip in these areas from time to time.

Brian is giving away a few copies, so if you want one, check out what you need to do to win.

Jeremy Echols also posted a review of The Eric Trap. My favorite part of his review is in his “Spoiler Alert” section. He doesn’t necessarily tell you how the book ends, but you get a clearer picture of how the story goes. So, I’m not going to recommend reading that part of the review… unless you’re the type of person who likes to read the end before you get there (you probably snoop around the house for your Christmas presents too, don’t you?). I liked the review because Jeremy points out that our book doesn’t end like most people will expect. Some people like that, others do not. I personally like how it ends… but I also wrote it, so my opinion doesn’t count.

Lastly, my West Coast buddy Anthony Prince, also wrote his review of the Eric Trap. In the end, he said this book will be mandatory reading for all of his staff. That’s a great endorsement. I’m glad he did point out his only concern for the book. The main character is a man, yet the majority of those leading children’s ministry are women. We did talk about this and discuss how this may not relate to as many of the female readers. I think he’s right. However, we’ve gotten good feedback from the women folk… which helps. However, out ultimate reason for not writing from the perspective of a female kid’s pastor was pretty simple. Sam, Jim and I are dudes. If I felt I understood and knew the female mind well enough to tell a convincing story… I’m not sure I’d be writing books about children’s ministry. Ha! Thanks Anthony for your honest review!