So, yesterday was a slower blog tour day with just one stop. There were two other initially planned stops, but we’re going to circle back around to those stops in a few days. However, I got a real kick out of the featured review for the day.

Tom Roepke, who says he is not Eric Newman, does indeed work for New Hope Community Church, the same church where Eric Newman works… except Tom is in Ohio I think and Eric’s New Hope is in Houston. Pretty funny though. Tom Created a video review to go with his post where he showed the infamous hallway with his altercation with Jim Swanson. Don’t know what I’m talking about… well, you need to read the book.

Tom reinforced what so many others have said. This book is not just for Children’s Pastors. There are nuggets of truth for staff and volunteers alike in multiple positions within the church. Enjoy the video below and be sure to read Tom’s review here. Tom, thanks for your kind words!