I’m writing this several days late. I had a super busy weekend and I’m now at Orange… but I didn’t want to miss pointing out more of the great reviews. So, look for the updates catching everyone up.

Matt Norman who actively blogs over at Kidmin1124.com wrote a great post. Matt simply posted a brief summary of each chapter which is helpful as by just reading his summary’s you’ll see how this book is just right for you. I did love his opening line thought:

“the week caught up with Eric as he buried his face in his hands and wept.” With this one sentence I knew that his book was for me.

I think many people can relate to that experience.

Neil Hancock did his blog review over on his blog, Fight 4 the Heart. Neil said that he read the book because there wasn’t an Eric Trap movie in the works. Ha! I’m glad he pushed through anyway. I actually haven’t thought about movie deals, maybe we’ll work on that next year… would have to be pretty low budget though. 🙂 Neil continues the sentiment you’re hearing most other people, you’ll likely identify with Eric’s plight.

Vanessa Small also wrote her review at her blog, LetThemCome1014. She is currently a volunteer who has high hopes to be in full time ministry in the near future. She found the book insightful as something to keep in mind so that she might not fall into the same traps.

Lastly, Joy Bowen wrote a blog review on her site, ImpulsiveJoy. She broke the book down into four things she was challenged by: Answer the Question, Talk to Your Leaders and Volunteers, Seek Out Your Senior Pastor and Have a Heart to Heart. Joy also made a quick video with her review. Enjoy the video below.