t_235Yesterday I began a short series on the “Essence of Orange” DVD from reThink. It’s a great DVD and it belongs in your library. My posts are by no means comprehensive, just little “Orange” treats to tempt your for more.

Family Ministry

Yesterday I shared how under the best circumstances, most kids will attend church for only 40 hours a year. That isn’t a lot of influence, is it. When I think back on my life, I see how my Children’s Pastor was the most influential person in my life. My situation must have been very unique. I’ve pastored thousands of kids in my short 11 years of ministry and I can only think of a handful that might say this about me. It’s unrealistic.

However, a parent will spend 3000 hours a year with the same child. I think it’s pretty obvious where I’m going with this.

Churches (Children’s Ministries) typically spend 100% (or close to it) of their time and resources on the 40 hours we’ll have with these kids. Wouldn’t it make sense to invest more time in the people who are truly influencing these kids? We won’t always be their pastors, but these adults will always be their parents. It’s just too simple, really.

I’ll leave you with these two statements from the DVD:

  • Every parent needs somebody to help them be a spiritual leader.
  • Every kid needs a parent to help them grow in faith.

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